Vintage Chic Shoulder Bag

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A shoulder bag designed for the vintage chic to step up her fashion game. This bag can be used for any occasion, over 70% OFF, 4 colors available and will match any dress. Has two front pockets and zippers on the sides of the pockets. Made from PU leather and no animal was hurt in making these bags.

Product features:

  1. Handbag measures 33cm Length x 12cm Breath x 26cm height
  2. made from PU leather (artificial leather - no ANIMAL was hurt during the production of this bag) and very roomy. 
  3. Closes at the top with a zipper and has an interior zipper and slot pockets.
  4. Intricately sewn and this adds an extra beauty to the bag
  5. It can hold a phone, an umbrella, iPad, wallet, cosmetics etc making it perfect for everyday use

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